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Black Rain,The: Night Tales
The Black Rain Night Tales Review

Black Rain, The: Night Tales

Melodic Hard Rock

Sometimes it's simply a long time and long road to get to that first album. For Italy's The Black Rain it took nearly 10 years to deliver their first long player, Night Tales. If time, patience, and perseverance mean anything, the wait was worth it.

The Black Rain Band Photo

The Black Rain:: in black leather.

Night Tales is a solid album of melodic hard rock. Not to get weighed down in too many references, but The Black Rain echoes anything from classic Eighties rock to Nineties alternative to 21st century post-grunge. Basically, the songs are built upon a strong rock groove, good melody, smooth yet passionate vocals, and some very classic rock guitar solos. It's a simple formula, and The Black Rain works it for every ounce of glory.

The Black Rain:: 'Won't Let Go' video.

You'll note the swagger of some Southern rock in Lake Trip, something The Black Crowes could have done. A big rock groove fills the sometimes rowdy songs Plastic Love and Coming Home. Turning to ballads, of a sort, Sugar in Poison and The Black Rain Motel are smoldering modern hard rock torch songs. Then, the band evokes the more traditional ballad in As I Lie, with piano and strings leading to a soaring guitar solo crescendo. But perhaps the signature song, one that finds The Black Rain offering pure radio-friendly accessibility, is Won't Let Go. It's got a sweet sound and extremely dangerous melodic hooks. More of this please. The Black Rain's Night Tales is good stuff, and quite recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

The Black Rain's Night Tales is simply good melodic hard rock which embraces everything from Eighties classic rock to today's post grunge.

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