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Secrets of Sin: Future Memories
Secrets of Sin Future Memories Album Review

Secrets of Sin: Future Memories

Modern Symphonic/Power Metal

I'm not sure what gives it away, but here's Secrets of Sin, another metal band trying build a bridge between traditional and modern metal. Perhaps it's the skinny jeans and sneakers. Or maybe the short, boy band, haircuts. You can't do windmills with those. Maybe it's the broad-bill of the ghetto cap that the drummer is wearing.

Secrets of Sin Future Memories Photo

Secrets of Sin: red.

Germany's Secrets of Sin combines traditional symphonic power metal with a mixture of modern vocals that run from the delicate female voice of Christina Groner to the hardcore and deathly voice of guitarist Robert Mansk. Generally, it works well. Actually, Mansk has an interesting range in his vocal repertoire: near death vocals on Utopia, near screamo on Inside, and then basically clean vocals on Civilisation.

However, the music is a bit curious, even eclectic even within it's general theme of symphonic power. Utopia fits this easily, big and bombastic, sounding like many other European bands of the same ilk, especially those having some dude doing death growls. Later, the nearly 12 minute Civilisation brings much the same, but drops the death vocals and adds more a progressive metal element. It's one of the better songs here.

Then there's the songs where Groner takes the lead. Once Upon a Time is generally a quiet piece with her voice leading the way over piano, guitar, and light orchestration. Shadows turns more on that symphonic power metal grandeur sometimes nearly over powering Groner's vocals. Other songs simply find SoS trying to spin basic modern hard rock like on the rather uninteresting Puppet Play, Alive, and What I Am. But much better on Inside with it's catchy melody, riffs, and refrain. Another song, The Joker starts off rather conventional only to become odd with faux horns and the strange, almost yodeling, vocals from Mansk.

Generally, Future Memories seems like mixed bag of musical stuff, but it's still a good start for this young band. Time and experience will likely bring the band maturity and focus. Recommended for the curious metal fan interested in another modern take on a traditional metal theme.

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In Short

Germany's Secrets of Sin attempts to put a modern spin on traditional female-fronted symphonic power metal with some success.

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