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Quick Wicked: Quick Wicked
Quick Wicked 2013 Debut Album CD Review

Quick Wicked: Quick Wicked

Alternative/Progressive Rock

Here we have Brantford Ontarioís Quick Wicked. They play a blend of alternative and progressive rock. Their sound to me, sounds like a mix of Porcupine Tree to Tool. The first two songs, show off both of those styles, with Dingo, you get more Prog, like Porcupine Tree, while Blix, you get the bass and drums driven sound of Tool. This band is definitely original, but you can hear their various influences throughout.

Quick Wicked Band Photo

Quick Wicked: rock out.

Bodyline, has a very cool melody with an infectious guitar riff that opens it up. Later you can hear the solid drumming of Kyle Love mixed with some electronic effects. Rhum Rocket has a very cool but repetitious main guitar riff which is heard throughout the song. Vocalist and guitarist Jeff Love, switches off between screaming and singing. His ability to change emotions with his vocals, is consistent throughout the disc.

Monolithís first two and a half minutes are all instrumental, which shows off the musical ability of all the band members. With an almost early Muse like feel, the song builds up as the vocals come in. Night Chaser, is a clean guitar instrumental with a reverb (echo) effect throughout, itís definitely a filler track. King is another song, in which the instruments take center stage, as the vocals donít come in until the final minute and fifteen seconds. Re-Awake, Beetleweed and the final track, The Docks all share the layers of guitars, electronics, and the emotional vocals of Jeff Love.

At times repetitive, Quick Wickedís self-titled disc is still an interesting listen for the most open minded prog or alternative rock fan. Fans of Porcupine Tree, Tool, Muse, and maybe even latter day Radiohead might find something to enjoy about this disc.

Quick Wicked in the studio recording - DINGO - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Quick Wickedís self-titled disc is an interesting listen for the most open minded prog or alternative rock fan.

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