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Miss Crazy: Grip
Miss Crazy Grip Review

Miss Crazy: Grip

(Melodic) Hard Rock/Metal

It's hard to believe it's been nearly five years since the last Miss Crazy album. That's simply to long of a wait for these purveyors classic melodic hard rock and metal. Well, the Crazies are back with their third platter Grip, and alls well in the rock world.

Once more the band creates the perfect blend of melodic hard rock with a metal edge. Actually, you might say that Grip turns more on that metal side especially listening to tunes like Make It Go Away, Nothing Suits Me, Fear, and possibly True Blood. But Miss Crazy is still, fundamentally, a rock band, so every song here has an infectious, toe-tapping, groove, powered by one of the best rhythm sections in the business. Add Markus Allen Christopher's raspy, whiskey and leather, vocals and some stinging guitar solos and you have the makings of arena-ready rock.

You know, the kind that blew the roof off in the Eighties. While all the songs can fill the stadium, three songs really channel the energy: Hail Bruce Lee, Knowing and All About You. The first is a groove-laden metal anthem; the latter two find Miss Crazy at their radio-friendly rock anthem best. A note of interest: of the ten songs here, seven of them are around three minutes or less. Miss Crazy pack a punch by offering song rock efficiency. Conversely, one or more tunes would have made Grip even better. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

The fine purveyors of melodic hard rock and metal, Miss Crazy, are back to save the world from the ugly world of angst, lumberjack beards, hipsters, and latte-sipping modern rock.

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