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Midnite Sun: Anyone Like Us?
Midnite Sun Anyone Like Us? Review

Midnite Sun: Anyone Like Us?

Melodic Hard Rock

It's been better than seven years since Italy's Midnite Sun cut their first record. But they haven't been idle. Over those years they've been keeping some good company, performing with the likes of U.D.O., Ian Paice, Dare, Tim 'Ripper' Owens, Lynch Mob, Angel Witch to name a few. Now they return with their second effort, Anyone Like Us?.

Midnite Sun Band Photo

Midnite Sun:: over a barrel.

With most any band, I'm always curious about their influences. Checking their Facebook 'About' section, the band describes these influences as 'Everything that sounds good ...' That works. But more to the point, like their Italian brethren, The Black Rain, Midnite Sun works from a basic melodic hard rock foundation, tracing roots from the Eighties to modern hard rock. Yet you might say their sound is a bit edgier, sometimes nearing metal.

You might hear a little of that metal edge in Lost in a Killing Field or Right Wrong Way. Or simply call Midnite Sun hard and heavy as Unbreakable or The Look demonstrates. Then the hard rock and metal edge merge into blistering blend with Cannibal Love. The band is not without a softer side, here's voice and acoustic guitar for Postcards from My Life, a piece that proves Enrico Sarzi's impressive vocal range. Fault has a broader arrangement, begins smoother but ends with a big finish. Honestly, it sounds like a song straight from 1987 LA. In the end, Midnite Sun's Anyone Like Us? is strong effort, a good platter of heavier melodic hard rock. Hopefully, we won't have to wait seven years for the next album. (Maybe they'll have better artwork the next time, too.) Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Midnite Sun's Anyone Like Us? is strong effort, a good platter of heavier melodic hard rock.

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