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Glass Delirium: Diamond Lullabies
Glass Delirium Diamond Lullabies Album Review

Glass Delirium: Diamond Lullabies

Melodic (Indie) Hard Rock

Here's Glass Delirium, another band with an awkward name, but with a terrific sound and possibly the best female lead singer you've never heard of. She's Michelle Huerd, and she's a powerful vocalist, with a range and control which is simply superb.

Glass Delirium Band Photo

Glass Delirium:: so happy together.

Huerd has a voice for anything from rock to pop to something possibly even more sultry. She could be a modern torch singer (and you might get that from Untitled Lullaby). What she doesn't do is reach the current modern extremes, high-pitched operatic sirens or growling death vocals. Good for her.

As to the music, on Diamond Lullabies, Glass Delirium traverses the range from melodic hard rock to metal, with tones of prog and gothic rock. However, I'm loathe to use that latter word as it's lost it's meaning over the years. But I'm sure there are those listening to Huerd's voice and the textures of Snowy London or Convalescence Dawn, for example, will hear this. What I hear is simply profound and entertaining melodic hard rock from some very talented players. Not the least of which is guitarist Scott Uhl and keyboardist David Newell, especially when he trades his synth for piano. Take note of Simple Life and Untitled Lullaby, two of the best songs here. The former has hit single written all over it, as does the groovy accessible pop feel of Beautiful Plaything. Production and mix is outstanding; given the CD package, it seems that Glass Delirium put their money into recording. Good choice.

Excepting Consequential Halo, my least favorite song here (but it's growing on me), the strengths of Diamond Lullabies are self-evident: strong musicianship and song composition. My humble opinion: this is a band to watch in the future; I think they're going places (like the same direction of Grammy winners Halestorm, a local favorite). Glass Delirim 's Diamond Lullabies is strongly recommended.

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In Short

The strengths of Glass Delirium and Diamond Lullabies are self-evident: strong musicianship and song composition, creating great indie melodic hard rock. This is a band to watch in the future. Strongly recommended.

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