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Giuntini Project: IV
Giuntini Project - IV Review

Giuntini Project: IV

Melodic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Guitarist Aldo Giuntini likes to take his time composing and creating new music. It's been better than six years since part three of his Giuntini Project, whose origins go even farther back in years, better than 20 years.

Aldo Giuntini Band Photo

Aldo Giuntini:: barefoot.

Once more Giuntini hooks up with ex-Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin for his new album IV. Essentially, then, the album is marked by three things: Giuntini's compositions and fret work and Martin's vocal performance, all of which are good. However, many of the songs here are heavier, lumbering along with a weight that wears you down. This is notable on Bring On The Night, Cured, Not The Jealous Kind, and the plodding Born In The Underworld. It almost sounds like Giuntini and Martin are trying relive the latter's Sabbath years.

You get some surprising kinetic liveliness with Perfect Sorrow, but better with Saint Or Sinner, The Truth Never Lies, and If The Dream Comes True, three of the better songs here. Yet the best songs are likely the instrumentals, The Rise and Fall of Barry Lyndon and Last Station Nightmare, simply because they seem to express more of Giuntini's talent and compositional skill. These several highlights are the best thing about IV, but not enough to keep it in a consistent play list. Recommended for Giuntini Project fans. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Guitarist Aldo Giuntini, with notable vocalist Tony Martin at the microphone, returns with his fourth Giuntini Project, a sometimes interesting, often lumbering, selection of melodic hard rock and heavy metal.

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