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Eve To Adam: Locked & Loaded
Eve To Adam Locked & Loaded Review

Eve To Adam: Locked & Loaded

Modern Hard Rock

When I watched the video for Straightjacket Supermodel from New York-based Eve to Adam, bands like Hinder or Buckcherry came to mind. Raspy vocals, modern rock guitar tones, and a song about sex. (See video below, which is explicit; watch at your own risk!). I wasn't sure what to think of my first impression of the band, so I waited till the disc arrived for this review. I am very happy I held off judgement till I received the disc.

The title track starts of the disc, with a pounding dropped tuned guitar riff. Vocalist, Taki Sassaris demands attention from the get go. While raspy, he carries a strong sense of melody. The song also a features a well played guitar solo by Gaurav Ball that leads back into the chorus. The next song Immortal has a very cool stop and go riff, that leads into another HUGE chorus. The previously mentioned Straightjacket Supermodel is next. Songs such as Fortune Teller, Let's Burn and Crime Scene feature driving guitar riffs, melodic chorus, and emotive vocals from Sassaris. While most songs deal with sex, an ex, or something along the lines of love vs hate, the lyrics are definitely worth paying attention too. Songs like Bender and the closer Forgive shows a band, who can unleash their own brand of fury. The songs are fast and heavy, while being able to hear all the instruments involved. While the incessant screaming at the end of Forgive, is probably unnecessary, the song itself is very good. The standout song, or the one that is not like the others is, the beautiful Shut Out The World. While repetitive musically and lyrically, the song is a wonderful change of pace for a disc that beats you in the face, song after song. The chorus features a short falsetto from Sassari's, showing that his vocals are diverse and emotional regardless of how he sings.

This band can really play, and in today's American modern hard rock, things like guitar solos can be the missing link. Not that every band or song needs one, but it does add another layer that sets a band apart from the last one you heard on the radio. I believe Eve to Adam succeed in being different then the rest. Their music will find new fans based on not being like everyone else. Eve to Adam bring their own version of modern rock with melodic hooks that you will remember, and lyrics you won't soon forget. Recommended to those who like Hinder, Three Days Grace or radio-friendly modern hard rock.

Note: Straightjacket Supermodel features the gorgeous and former Fuse TV Uranium host, Juliya Chernetsky (aka Mistress Juliya).

Eve To Adam - Straighjacket Supermodel (Explicit) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Eve to Adam bring their own version of modern rock with melodic hooks that you will remember, and lyrics you won't soon forget.

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