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Envinya: Inner Silence
Envinya Inner Silence Review

Envinya: Inner Silence

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Another lesson learned. I should pay more attention to the promo material and the music when previewing a band for review. As to the former, the press material states that Envinya, another female-fronted metal band, and their debut album Inner Silence, is traditional metal with a modern touch. I should know by now that 'modern' is merely 'code' for one of several things: d-tuned arrangments, harsh hardcore music and vocals, or death growling vocals. It's the third scenario for Envinya.

Envinya Band Photo

Envinya:: one, two, three.

As to the latter, the music, the growling, male of course, death vocals sneak up on you. Faceless and Forlorn, two tracks I previewed, are quite melodic heavy, even epic, metal, with no death vocals, or none that I could distinguish. But then they arrive on the next track, Inner Silence, and peak with the sixth track, Satin and Silk. Ugh! Enough already. The sad thing is, musically speaking, it's a very good metal song.

Fundamentally, though not bringing anything quite novel to the genre, Envinya is a talented band creating some inspired and entertaining melodic heavy metal. Curiously, regarding the inclusion of dirty vocals, they are nearly non-existent from Satin and Silk to the end. Perhaps they exist as an anomaly. Conversely, in my jaded opinion, they're likely there for commercial appeal in a modern market that suggests and expects them. Until Envinya decides on their vocal direction, despite their talent and satisfying metal, they will remain merely adequate and typical of most every other female-fronted metal band trying to make it.

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In Short

Envinya offers us another female-fronted metal band playing more traditional heavy/power metal than the symphonic gothic style, yet with a smattering of annoying death vocals.

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