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Dumper: The Gunshot Theory
Dumper The Gunshot Theory Album Review

Dumper: The Gunshot Theory

(Melodic) Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

It makes you curious how a band comes up with their name, especially with international bands where English is not their native language. Does Italy's Dumper know the colloquial meaning of 'dumper' in American English? It's slang for a woman with a rather large butt that cannot be ignored. It's also connected to what actually comes out of that particular end of the body. To answer the question: probably not.

Dumper Band Photo

Dumper:: at least it's not the middle finger.

With their second album The Gunshot Theory, what you have is basically melodic hard rock with a metal edge. Excepting the distorted intro, Dumper (can't stop laughing when I say their name), bursts from the gates with big riffs and a generally heavy sound. The guitar solos are premium feature throughout. Alessandro Marras's vocals, not so much. He sounds like Bruce Dickinson with only one level: loud nearing screamo.

It can get old quite fast, until you get to the song Way Home. It's the stand out track here. It's part ballad, part anthem, and Marras shows some depth. Otherwise, from song to song, there's much redundancy here. After the first several songs, you know basically what you'll get throughout The Gunshot Theory. The aforementioned Way Home and maybe The Rotten Will are the pleasing exceptions. It's good effort, show both talent and promise, but it's been done before. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Dumper's The Gunshot Theory is worthy effort for melodic hard rock with a metal edge. But excepting a few songs, we've been there and done that before.

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