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Divinity Compromised: A World Torn
Divinity Compromised - A World Torn Album Review

Divinity Compromised: A World Torn

Dark Progressive Power Metal

From the opening symphonic notes of Children of a Dead God, to Lothar Keller's soaring vocals, Divinity Compromised grabs your attention, and does not let go. Keller's emotive and passionate vocals are strong, but so is the musical interplay by the musicians behind him. Sweeping keyboards, technical guitar riffs, and a HUGE chorus, this song has everything you want from the first track on a cd.

Divinity Compromised A World Torn Photo

Divinity Compromised: personal space compromised.

The Way Home, is a very melodic yet heavy, with an opening melody that builds up more into a groove through the verses. The choruses much like the previous song, have Keller's soaring vocals in them. He also uses different vocal styles in this song, that range from almost growl-like to the highest parts of his range. This song also features an amazing twin guitar solos, that leads into Keller singing over a melody of just strings,drums and bass.

Coming in at just under four and a half minutes, the shortest song on the disc is The Guardians of Ki. The song opens with a very power metal sounding guitar riff with keyboards on top. The song also features an amazing yet short keyboard solo from Ben Johnson. Like the songs before it, the tempo shifts during the song, featuring the intricate guitar and keyboard parts, with the double bass drumming of Mike Mousel. The very end of this song, features some very over-the-top (I.E. Very cool!) vocals from Keller. The disc's title track is next, again feature layers of strings and some piano early on. It has all the best elements of the songs before it, without sounding exactly like them.

When Myth Becomes Truth, has a lot going on in the beginning of the songs. With its almost march like feel, with a very straight forward guitar riff, and pounding drum beat. The chorus again, features Keller's patented soaring vocals, with layers of strings, and Mousel's double-bass drumming onslaught. One of my favorite songs is The Loyal Shall Inherit, with its keyboard and guitar interplay opening. Its power metal guitar riffs, the tempo changes, and the dynamics that continuously change throughout the song. Termination Sequence, is a very heavy and technical piece of music. With layers of keyboard effects, and almost percussive like guitar riffs, that song hits you right in the face. The chorus features lyrics in my opinion, that tells us about the bleak future, the human race is headed for. The guitar and keyboard solos in this song, are among the best you will hear in today's progressive metal music. While extremely technical they are not done for the sake of showing how virtuoso the musicians are. Every guitar solo from Jeff Treadwell, or tempo change on this disc, fits the song it is in perfectly. Termination Sequence highlights all the best parts this band has to offer.

The Slaughter of Innocents starts off with soft piano that leads into a very haunting and melodic song. This is a centerpiece for Keller's vocals, powerful and emotional, that shows his expressive range. Descent Into Madness, is an epic piece coming in at nine minute and forty seconds and is the last song on the disc. This song is much like the ones before it, encompassing everything that came before. This is definitely a disc worth listening to in one sitting, and meant to be enjoyed as a whole.

A World Torn, is definitely a independently released gem, that I hope the world discovers. The band has recently been added to the premier North American Power and Progressive metal festival, ProgPower in Atlanta on September 7th, from 2pm till 3pm as they open the second day of the festival.

Divinity Compromised - Children of a Dead God - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

A World Torn, is definitely a independently released gem, that I hope the world discovers Easily Recommended!

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