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Derdian: Limbo
Derdian Limbo Review

Derdian: Limbo

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

They're on their own. After a successful run of three albums, the New Era trilogy, the last two on the Magna Carta imprint, Derdian is without a label. To make matters more interesting, the band also parted with their long serving vocalist, now hooking up with Ivan Giannini. Some bands would struggle with these changes, but Derdian has remained resolute, making their fourth album, Limbo, a total DIY project (even beginning recording without a singer).

Derdian Band Photo

Derdian:: find the bottle.

With these changes behind them, why not make another shift. Limbo is not a concept album, at least not like the previous material; the band draws their inspiration from the struggles of life. What does remain unchanged is Derdian commitment to classic melodic power metal and, of course, in the Italian tradition, some that's often symphonic and bombastic. You get this from the with Dragon Life, Forever in the Dark, and Terror.

But Derdian throws a few curves, though the serves aren't all that great. For instance, Limbo, the title track, passes as more progressive power metal. It has some galloping parts, but the arrangement has more interesting turns than those aforementioned tunes. Later, the two closing tracks Hymn of Liberty and Silent Hope strike the same chord, but definitely lean more to the power metal side. Then songs like Strange Journey and Heal My Soul offer a considerable rock groove to the melodic metal. Listening to the entirety of Limbo one can honestly say that the recent changes have not affected Derdian in the least. Are they doing anything overtly novel or new in this new era? Perhaps not. But the band is still in their stride, consistent and constant. If you dig melodic power metal in it's classic form, then Derdian's Limbo will be perfect for you. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Derdian returns without a label, but with a new singer, and stay true to form delivering classic melodic power metal, both bombastic and epic.

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