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Deaf Horse: Human Meat (EP)
Deaf Horse Human Meat Album Review

Deaf Horse: Human Meat (EP)

Heavy Rock

A self-proclaimed power trio, Deaf Horse comes from England with their new EP, Human Meat. The band has been called post-grunge, and you get some of that with the heavy, moderately distorted, guitar and raw production for that grunge aesthetic. But the 'post' would imply that the band has a more commercially viable sound. That's yet to be seen.

Deaf Horse Human Meat Photo

Deaf Horse: is band the curtain.

But there's more than a categorization playing here. You can hear vibes of, not only grunge, but stoner, psychedelic, and blues rock. Sometimes it can show up all at the same time as within India Joy. With the vocals, it almost has country feel to it. Pierce The Skies seems like a straight heavy rock number, but begins with a space-psych rock feel and climaxes with a lightning cracking the sky guitar solo over a thunder of bass and drums.

Dead and Figure It Out definitely move with a heavier rock groove, an emphasis on the bass line, and may have more of that popular accessibility thanks to the lyrics and catchy refrains. Possibly the best cut here is the tongue-in-cheek satire of politically incorrect Modern Warfare. The song moves on the bass and drum line once more, but gets this real trippy guitar solo at three minutes in. But the stronger current of the song is likely the lyrics. The song starts with, 'I got an idea, Let's kill each other, Tear innocent sons from weeping mothers, Raise schools to the ground, And obliterate towns.' Not exactly the fodder for commercial appeal, but musically it's the best song here. On the booklet, after three songs including Modern Warfare the words 'Twin Peaks' are in parentheses. I'm not sure of the meaning for this, if supposed to be a reference to the cult American television show. Human Meat, especially the better songs, is certainly interesting and entertaining material, and hopefully the foundation for more and better to come in the future. Listen below.

Listen: Deaf Horse - Human Meat - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Deaf Horse's Human Meat finds this UK power trio delivering some heavy rock suitable for human consumption.

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