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Black Rose: Turn on the Night
Black Rose Turn on the Night Review

Black Rose: Turn on the Night

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Their history is more than a little choppy. Black Rose has been carrying on since 1990, but the road has been a rocky one with more than a few time lags between albums. Turn on the Night comes nine years from their last album Explode (2004). Nevertheless, for pure Eighties-style melodic hard rock in the Swedish tradition, Black Rose continues to fire on all cylinders.

Black Rose Band Photo

Black Rose:: ready for the video shoot.

Actually, excepting a ballad, Turn on the Night veers more to the melodic heavy metal side of things. Strong riffs and a rather bombastic rhythm section propel this album. More impressive is Thomas Berg's guitar solos which are traditional but hardly typical or repetitive from song to song. Vocalist Peter Thederan has a sandpaper sound like a more raspy Tobias Sammet.

However, even with these notable characteristics, there seems a certain redundancy and it comes from within those assets. Mostly, it comes from all the songs, again, excepting the ballad, We Were Winners, being heavy and charging with an excellent guitar solo as the general formula. Not that this makes Turn on the Night a bad album, merely predictable. You know what you're going to get from one song to the next. Though not always a bad thing, some variation would certainly propel this album to greater heights. Nevertheless, Turn on the Night is recommended for melodic hard rock fans everywhere. Best cuts: Rise Again and Our Wisdom. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

With Turn on the Night, Sweden's Black Rose delivers straight up melodic hard rock with a metal edge, but with some degree of predictability.

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