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At Night I Fly: September Kills EP
At Night I Fly September Kills EP Review

At Night I Fly: September Kills EP

Progressive Metal

Perhaps more impressive than the music within is the talent behind At Night I Fly. The band is composed of some of Hungary's best rock and metal musicians. For instance, singer Zoltán Bátky has more than a few band credits to his name (Stonehenge, After Crying, Wendigo), and worked with producer Beau Hill to produce H.A.R.D.'s Traveler album. Also, guitarist András Ádám Horváth plays in the prog power metal band Dreyelands signed to Lion Music. Their debut album was quite good.

At Night I Fly Band Photo

At Night I Fly:: but not now.

Drummer Gábor Nagygyörgy works with instrumental trio K3, receiving high acclaim. Zoltán Hegyaljai- Boros plays bass, but is known also for playing viola in classical and contemporary settings in the Hungarian music culture. I don't know much about that scene, but this sure sounds like the makings of a Hungarian super group.

September Kills, their first EP of four songs, is being tapped as modern progressive metal. Normally, when you read 'modern,' it means that there's some player doing dirty, death, or hardcore vocals. This is not the case with ANIF. However, the arrangements, the sound if you will, does have a heavier, grittier, feel often found in modern metal. Alternatively, September Kills, to these ears, sounds simply like heavier progressive metal. Even the heaviness here is tempered by some quite exquisite synth programming. As for the prog side, you wouldn't need to call any of these songs overly technical. But the do show both strong craftsmanship and deft individual performance from the players. Ultimately, with some slight reservations about the opener, Alienated, they all sound great. Let's only hope for more in a full-length album from this talented band. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

With September Kills, Hungary's At Night I Fly offers some heavier, yet melodic, intriguing, and entertaining, progressive metal. Hopefully, this is merely a foretaste of more good things to come.

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