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42 Decibel: Hard Rock N Roll
42 Decibel - Hard Rock N Roll Album Review

42 Decibel: Hard Rock N Roll

Hard Rock

The comparisons will be inevitable, but not unexpected. After all, Argentine's 42 Decibel does do AC/DC covers in their live set. Add to this that nearly every venerable hard rock label is looking for next band to fill the Aussie's rather large boots. SPV Steamhammer may have come close with 42 Decibel and their debut album Hard Rock N Roll.

42 Decibel Hard Rock N Roll Band Photo

42 Decibel: crazy scary.

The album title basically says it all, and the aforementioned comparison. 42 Decibel has the whole blues and boogie hard rock style nailed down quite well. And, in fairness, the band is likely the best AC/DC clone not to sound like AC/DC. Actually, they sound more like mix of AC/DC with George Thorogood, especially on a tune like Smokin' Fire or Gimme a Drink. Or maybe it's because many of the songs are about alcohol.

Otherwise, the stylistic similarities to the band from down under are blatantly obvious throughout this album. Notable are I'm Gonna Give You All, The Real Deal, Born to Ride Alone, and especially the slow burner Take Me. What's that saying? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, if you scrape away this layer, 42 Decibel are simply very good at what they do: groove-laden, bluesy, boogie rock. It's stripped down and gritty with good singing and good playing from all concerned. These things make this album a fun listen, even if you have to fight off the echoes of that other band. Good stuff, and easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Comparisons aside to that Aussie band, 42 Decibel is very good at creating groove-laden, bluesy, hard rock.

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