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Dunford, Xenia: Lonely Streets
Xenia Dunford and the Eastern Exile - Lonely Streets Review

Dunford, Xenia and the Eastern Exile:
Lonely Streets

Light Rock

I've never been much for the singer/songwriter genre, male or female. It's often too introspective and eclectic fare, both lyrically and musically. So here's Xenia Dunford, a transplant, or better an Eastern exile, to California from Boston. She offers five of her songs on her EP Lonely Streets.

Xenia Dunford Photo

Xenia Dunford: the face under the hat.

It's rather light fare, with Dunford leading with vocals and electric piano. It's quiet, too. I've spun it twice, and almost fell asleep both times. Even the country liveliness of Best I've Ever Had couldn't rouse me; a 5-hour energy drinks would have been more helpful. Frankly, the songs are also rather melancholy, almost depressing. I'm not so sure if it's the texture of the music or the lyrics, or both.

I feel sad listening to Lonely Streets, and then, because of it, feel sorry for Dunford, as life seems to have given her bitter pill to swallow. (Okay, The Only One is a quite positive, even sexy, song of romance.)

But seriously, lyrically, Dunford is forthright and emotional. Her vocal style like a smooth Pinot Noir on a quiet evening. The two together are a passionate combination for Dunford. Compare her to Laura Nyro or Norah Jones. Again, it's not my thing, just way too depressing, but if you enjoy this genre, Xenia Dunford will likely impress you.

In Short

Singer songwriter Xenia Dunford offers five of her own creations: expect light rock fare with emotion and passion.

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