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Wind Rose: Shadows Over Lothadrium
Wind Rose Shadows Over Lothadrium Review Review

Wind Rose: Shadows Over Lothadrium

Melodic Heavy/Power Metal

Heavy metal is more than a cottage industry in Italy; it's more like a major industry. Here's another new band, Wind Rose, offering a fine blend of classic heavy and power metal with progressive aspects. Their first full-length album, Shadows Over Lothadrium, will be released through Bakerteam Records.

Wind Rose Band Photo

Wind Rose: looking happy together.

Shadows Over Lothadrium is a concept album based on a fantasy story written by guitarist Claudio Falconcini, a founding member. The tale is told over 16 tracks, with an intro and several brief segues between songs, often with narration. The remaining vocal tracks are robust arrangements of melodic heavy and power metal.

Wind Rose has a great many strengths not the least of which is solid musicianship and song composition. There's strong balance between all players and instruments. For instance, the keyboards are not merely for symphonic tone or accent, like an after thought. Rather they also get prominence as a guitar solo would. There's also a strong craftsmanship to the songs. It's not all rumbling and blistering power metal. The longer tracks like Majesty or Led by Light have greater depth and intricacy that pushes the band into prog territory. Nevertheless, when they do power metal like on Oath to Betray, it's heavy and galloping. The weak link here maybe in the vocal arrangements. Francesco Cavalieri seems to have some strength and range, but if it were not for the balanced mix I think the music would easily overpower him.

Shadows Over Lothadrium is a rather impressive debut for Wind Rose. Expect great things from this band in the years to come. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Wind Rose's Shadows Over Lothadrium is rather impressive and entertaining album of well-crafted melodic heavy and power metal.

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