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Twilight Gate: Twilight Gate (EP)
Twilight Gate 2012 Review Review

Twilight Gate: Twilight Gate (EP)

Melodic Heavy/Power Metal

Here's Twilight Gate, a promising metal band from Italy with their self-titled debut EP. What attracted me to review this disc was their choice of a cover tune to include among the six originals: Rainbow's Catch the Rainbow, one my favorites.

Twilight Gate Band Photo

Twilight Gate: in the black.

Actually, I didn't listen to the originals first, but went straight to the cover hoping, of course, that they wouldn't screw up this classic song. They didn't. It sounds great, and it's probably the best song here. Twilight Gate gets the two most important elements of the song right: the vocals and the guitar.

Yet this makes sense as the original songs were composed by guitarist Gaetano Rossiello, who played all instruments as well, and the vocals and lyrics by singer Stefano Fiore. The result is fundamental melodic heavy and power metal with some symphonic and prog nuances. Of the originals there's an intro, a short acoustic segue later, and four vocal tracks. Fate and Land of the Wiseman offer more galloping power metal. Starlight Memories is more a soaring melodic metal anthem. Portrait of the Warlord offers a more diverse arrangement, more progish, and of the originals, the best cut here. The EP closes with Catch the Rainbow.

If Rossiello and Fiore can stick with this creative formula, then Twilight Gate will a band to watch in the future. If anything, get this EP for the excellent cover of Rainbow's Catch the Rainbow. I'm sure you'll like the rest. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Twilight Gate, a promising traditional heavy and power metal band, offers an solid and entertaining disc of the same. If anything, get this EP for the excellent cover of Rainbow's Catch the Rainbow.

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