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Naughty Whisper: Addicted to Decadence
Naughty Whisper Addicted to Decadence Review

Naughty Whisper: Addicted to Decadence

(Melodic) Hard Rock/Metal

You have to give Italy's Naught Whisper strong marks for determination. This glam goth hard rock outfit truly wants to break out of the mold. But their second album, Addicted to Decadence does little to help their cause.

Naughty Whisper Band Photo

Naughty Whisper: down the lane.

Perhaps they should have considered a name change first. What kind of hard rock band which is 'addicted to decadence' uses the word 'naughty' in their name. None.

Okay, vocalist Andy Starr has a 'potty' (rhymes with naughty) mouth dropping f-bombs here and there. Then he turns his sandpaper vocals to harsher dirty vocals on the song, Poison White. I guess that makes them tougher than naughty. Frankly, while sometimes a versatile vocalist, Starr sounds like everyman's glam/goth hard rock band vocalist. I simply got tired of listening to him.

Of course, Naughty Whisper can be heavier like metal as on Damned Scratch, Venom in Me, or From Lust Till Death. They add some synths here and there, sometimes quirky, sometimes industrial. But across the disc their sound is still derivative hard rock, glam or otherwise.

On the positive side, the production is quite good, thanks to Arnold Lindberg's studio (In Flames, Hardcore Superstar, Evergrey) in Gothenburg, and overall, the band are good musicians. Notable songs include Borderline, Into My Blood, and Poison White. They do an awful cover of Cutting Crew's (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight as digipack bonus track. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Addicted to Decadence, Naughty Whisper brings derivative, not all that novel, hard rock, with a strong spice of glam and heavy metal, and then throws in some odd synths.

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