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Iconoclast: Are We Dying
Iconoclast - Are We Dying Review

Iconoclast: Are We Dying

Modern Melodic Hard Rock

What's the best thing about Canada's Iconoclast? They don't sound like native sons Nickelback. Well, mostly not. Yes, they're from the same swatch of genre: post grunge melodic rock. Like the aforementioned big music clones, Iconoclast has the riffage and roughage but, thankfully, with some more diversity.

Iconoclast - Are We Dying Band Photo

Above, Iconoclast: turn off that damn light.

Notably, songs like She Is Pain, Wondering, the pleasing What of Me, or Magdolena offer a melodic hard rock sensibility akin to collecting Eighties rock with modern tones such as Stone Temple Pilots. Generally, the material is convincing, engaging, and suspiciously hook-laden rock.

But then Hide The Knives or Without You Naked sound derivative, easily added to Nickelback or Hinder's play list. Thump, thump, groove, chorus, and repeat. Or yawn. But I'm more than a little jaded concerning that other band.

Is it easy to like Iconoclast? Most definitely. They have the songwriting skills and musicianship to be contenders, and enough surprises to be different. Give Healing Sticks a listen, and there's a stab into the monotony of that other band. Ultimately, you have to be listening, and discerning, to get Iconoclast's strong nuances. Am I entirely convinced of their modern musical breadth and strength? Maybe. But Iconoclast certainly has my ear. Recommended.

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In Short

Iconoclast may live up to their name if for only one reason: they don't sound like Canadian cousins Nickelback. They've got big talent and strong songs. Is it enough against current modern hard rock bands. I wonder.

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