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Hideweaver: Silver Bullet
Hideweaver - Silver Bullet Review

Hideweaver: Silver Bullet

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Though I don't quite get their name, I do get Hideweaver's metal. Being from Italy, it's not to difficult to guess, as your top choices seem to be power metal, melodic hard rock, or sleaze glam rock. Hideweaver and their debut album Silver Bullet is firmly in the first camp of melodic, heavy, and power metal. Honestly, they're pretty good, and this is a decent album for European power metal.

Hideweaver Band Photo

Hideweaver: just being silly.

Essentially, because this is typical Euro-power metal, I could stop with those thoughts, and with the score above, call it a day and you'd probably have enough information. Yet that seems a bit reductionistic, if not unfair. And considering my usual verbosity, you're might think I'm slipping or sick.

So let's hit some highlights. First, I really like the vocals. Although he's not always that clear or strong, Nando has decent melodic style. Sometimes he reminds me of a mixture of Tobias Sammet and the singer from the defunct Swedish power metal band Supreme Majesty, Joakin Olsson. Second, the arrangements, while, again, traditional power metal, are lively and interesting. I won't say there's progressive metal here, but given time I think this could develop. Shades comes close. Most songs have an underlying rock groove, allowing the listener to tap his toes while his pumping his fist. Take note of The Same Old Song. Pace varies, but there's real strength in the rhythm section. Finally, the lead guitar work, always a favorite of mine, is rather interesting. It falls into the neo-classical metal category, and that's just fine. But that the best thing is that its diverse and draws your attention.

The aforementioned The Same Old Song and Shades are top tracks. Also, consider Of Beauty and Vanity, Wash My Tears Away, and Wait Until Dark for some entertaining melodic metal. Overall, Hideweaver and Silver Bullet is entertaining, as Euro-metal goes, and shows real promise. They've been at it for many years now, so let's hope for more in the future. Recommended.

In Short

Hideweaver and Silver Bullet is entertaining and shows a band with real promise, and that's notable in the overpopulated, often over-burdened, European power metal theater.

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