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Gaskin: Edge of Madness
Gaskin Edge of Madness Review

Gaskin: Edge of Madness

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Guitarist Paul Gaskin, and his eponymous band, date back better than 30 years, to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Two records came early, End of the World in 1981 and No Way Out a year later. They didn't surface again until 2000's Stand or Fall. The success of this didn't last long as Gaskin found himself in psych ward of hospital thanks to paranoia driven by drugs and alcohol. Nevertheless, he recovered, regrouped the band, and went on to record Edge of Madness, which reflects somewhat on those difficult times.

Gaskin Band Photo

Gaskin: back in black.

It's probably not fair to call Gaskin's style strict NWOBHM, although the influences remain. Edge of Madness is more akin to melodic hard rock with some heavier moments. There's certainly nothing modern about their sound.

Songs that merge the metal side with melodic rock include Damnation, Heart Like Thunder, Edge Of Madness and, to some extent, Bedlam. Then the trio of songs Man's World, Wake Up Dead, Lost & Lonely lean more towards melodic hard rock. But even this is to simple as Lost & Lonely's guitar solo would fit any good melodic metal song. The guitar work is one of the great strengths of most every song here. Conversely, Gaskin's vocals can sometimes seem dull, even droll. Yet, on a song like The Contract, there's an unusual difference, a near effortless versatility.

Paul Gaskin has stated, "I just write what I like to hear, and hope others like it too." If you like melodic hard rock with a sometimes metal edge, then you'll like Edge of Madness, too. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Gaskin's Edge of Madness is classic Eighties melodic hard rock with a dash of melodic metal edge.

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