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Doro: Under My Skin
Doro - Under My Skin Review

Doro: Under My Skin

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

If the metal dudes aren't drooling over German singer Doro Pesch's timeless good looks, they should be drooling over this retrospective collection of her tunes. Under My Skin - A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics, a compilation spanning her lengthy career, offers 30 tracks over two CDs.

Doro Photo

Doro: leather never looked so good.

The collection includes classic cuts, B-sides, and revisions, often with handwritten notes from Doro. You'll get timeless Doro songs like Warrior Soul, Herzblut, My Majesty, and Celebrate. You'll get latter in a revised Full Metal Female Version, just like you get the 2007 version of All We Are and 2005 version of She's Like Thunder. There's an acoustic version of Rare Diamond, a fine ballad. There's seems to be quite a bit of more mellow Pesch here with tunes like Angel in the Dark, Above the Ashes, and Walking with the Angels, as several examples. CD two seems to have an abundance of these.

Yet, despite being categorized as a 'metal' singer, Doro has always been a quintessential rock singer, whose music is basically melodic hard rock with a metal edge. You get some of those metal-edged songs like Wildfire, I Rule the Ruins, and Running from the Devil. Then there's Doro's a strangely compelling symphonic interpretation of Judas Priest's Breaking the Law.

I suspect diehard fans, who have discovered Doro's creativity and versatility, will dig this collection. Those who just want her to rock out with those metal-infused tunes, will likely find this collection wanting. Those aforementioned purists can peel off a few more euros or dollars for a limited wooden fan box edition (1000 copies; import only) which includes a two-CD digipak, flag, patch, bracelet, a postcard and a certificate of authenticity. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Doro's Under My Skin - A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics is an entertaining and sometimes curious collection of her best material.

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