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Shakra: Back on Track
Shakra Back on Track album new music review

Shakra: Back on Track

Melodic Heavy Metal

Aren't we supposed to do what we're good at? Shakra's latest release is called Back On Track and since I have never spent some serious time with one of their previous (no less than 8) outings I cannot judge to what extend they have been off track lately. But judging by this album I can only say that this Swiss quintet is on the right track anyway.

The recent story of Shakra is much about the departure of long time singer Mark Fox, who left the band after 2009 release Everest. But one of the advantages of listening to a band first time around is that you are not biased by all sort of expectations and opinions. Now behind the mic is John Prakesh and I can only wonder where this guy has been hiding all these years? His voice fits this band like a glove and together with the songs the whole package sounds great. Back On Track is a powerful and highly guitardriven album that really comes storming out of your speakers.

As for the songs, I haven't spotted a weak track on this album. All tracks are cemented in a heavy and ultra solid rhytmn base and equipped with some stunning double guitarwork. Check out tracks such as Someday and Unspoken Truth and you know what I mean. When I See You, Yesterdays Gone and Lonesomeness are the relaxmoments on the disc. For some reason they breath a strong Mr. Big's To Be With You athmospere, but that's not a bad resemblance. Whether you take any of these or the powerful Stronger Than Ever or the dark mood in Money Makes The World Go Round, this one provides it all.

Are there no pitfalls here? Some people might argue that the album is lacking of originality which admittedly makes sense. But does a record have to be original to be good? Imagine Coca Cola changing their famous recipe all the time. I am not sure if I would still drink the stuff.

Back On Track is an album that you can spend writing a thousand words about, but that would be a waste of time. This is simply a high quality heavy metal release that sounds exactly the way it should. To be more precise, that is big like a swiss mountain and sharp like a swiss knife. On this album Shakra does exactly what they are good at and proof once more that quality melodic heavy metal never goes out of fashion. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Shakra's Back On Track is simply a high quality heavy metal release that sounds exactly the way it should, proof once more that quality melodic heavy metal never goes out of fashion.

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