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Galactic Cowboy Orchestra: All Out of ...
The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra All Out of Peaches album new music review

Galactic Cowboy Orchestra All Out of ...

Progressive Rock/Fusion

Defining The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra sound may prove problematic for some. Calling them progressive rock would be too general, but also too restrictive. You will hear elements of classical, rock, jazz, pop and even variations of country music in their compositions. Working with guitar, violin (fiddle), bass and drums, an amalgamation or fusion of things generates a clever, unpredictable, and entertaining experience on GCO's second release All Out of Peaches.

The title cut and Paparazzi (a reinterpretation of the Lady Gaga song) offer a fusion of styles and moods with light, sometimes melancholy, touches. The longest track Memo 9 will satisfy those who like a little more rock punch in their prog/fusion. It offer quite expressive drumming and a fine bass line. Yet, the shorter Five Up Front will do the same with it's more electric sound, possibly modern rock fusion. A touch of those country variations appear in Cajun in Spurs and The Blaze, a faster and mystifying concoction of the traditional Fire on the Mountain. Individual expressions is found on violinist Lisi Wright's classical tinged Ruby, and guitarists Dan Neale's lively and emotive Straight to the Top.

Galactic Cowboy Orchestra can conjure to mind as many artists as it fuses musical elements in arrangements. I'm reminded of Jean Luc Ponty and Bela Fleck, Chick Corea, Jeff Beck, and Stanley Clark but also, possibly, Rush and Dixie Dregs. Yet, GCO stirs the pot of craftsmanship and composition with their own style and creativity. Some may find All Out of Peaches a bit too eclectic. But the refreshing and entertaining ingenuity will trump any cognitive dissonance you may have had at the start. Very recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Galactic Cowboy Orchestra's All Out of Peaches is a refreshing twist on the progressive rock/fusion genre to a entertaining and lasting effect.

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