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DanseWolf: Smoke N Mirrors EP
DanseWolf Smoke N Mirrors album new music review

DanseWolf: Smoke N Mirrors EP

Melodic Rock

DanseWolf is an upstart band from the blissful la la land of Los Angeles, founded by vocalist and lyricist Juls D and guitarist Andy Lagomarsino. While those facts are easy, pinning down DanseWolf's sound isn't always. Despite the name this isn't dance music; however, it is rock. Juls D has been influenced by the unlikely combination of Freddie Mercury and Radiohead; Andy by The Beatles and Bob Dylan. But between the inherent groove and pop friendliness, Juls and company could be channeling an awkward hybrid of Blondie and No Doubt through Eighties glam rock. Their sound is strong and convincing, nearly old school Eighties melodic rock, but refreshing enough to be likely called modern or alt rock.

DanseWolf Band PhotoSmoke N Mirrors is a short six song EP, yet quite convincing of DanseWolf's direction. In LA likely rocks the hardest; it's a good start to convince the male chauvinists that Juls D can bring it on. For clever and catchy radio friendly accessibility, I Think Maybe is a pop rock romp. Shut You Down seems to be a ballad, but lumbers along with mixed results. Love Hate Heartbreak finds DanseWolf returning to the pop sensibility within a nice rock wrapper. Of the remaining two tracks Smoke N Mirrors and Like A Ghost, the former is the most entertaining, thanks to a healthy dose of melody and a nice chorus.

Smoke N Mirrors shows some real promise for DanseWolf, especially when the songs are rich with a rock groove and catchy melody. As for Juls D's vocals, for this listener the verdict is still out. At times, she sounds nasal or nearly slurring her words. Hopefully she never drinks and sings at the same tiem because she'd be another Amy Winehouse catastrophe in motion. Otherwise, her natural good looks and one-piece cat suit, which can barely fill out, may be the winning combination here. But I digress. Visit the website and check out the music: convince yourself. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Smoke N Mirrors shows some real promise for DanseWolf, especially when the songs are rich with a rock groove and catchy melody. Give them a listen at their website, and convince yourself.

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