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Chrome Division: 3rd Round Knockout
Chrome Division 3rd Round Knockout album new music review

Chrome Division: 3rd Round Knockout

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Hoping for a 3rd Round Knockout, Chrome Division returns with their third album. Founded by Dimmu Borgir vocalist Shagrath (Stian Tomt Thoresen), the band also returns with new personnel. Shady Blue aka Athera (Susperia) takes the microphone, and drummer Tony White (Minas Tirith) replaces Lex Icon. But what hasn't changed is Chrome Division's rowdy and raucous brand of metalized rock and roll.

However, and even though the press materials still want to suggest the comparison, on 3rd Round Knockout Chrome Division can probably dismiss the Motorhead comparisons. Certainly, those grizzly, whiskey bracing, vocals and the sometimes punk n roll motif remains, as on Bulldogs Unleashed and 7 G-Strings by example. But there's more going on here. With a metal edge to some songs, Chrome Division delivers a more infectious, even catchy, melodic hard rock style. Unholy Roller, Bulldogs Unleashed, Fight (Rumble and Roll), and Long Distance Call Girl are heavy, melodic, rocking, and hook-laden tunes. Still, Chrome can go to straight, classic, heavy metal as on Join the Ride.

More significant, however, is when the band throws you some curves. Zombies & Monsters bends styles in upon themselves for a clever dose of melodic metal (and some very strong bass and drum work). Then there's the bluesy metalized rock of The Magic Man. These are two of the finest tracks on 3rd Round Knockout. Finally, and definitely out of left field, is the quirky rendition of the heavily covered western song by Stan Jones, Ghost Riders in the Sky. Yet, don't consider this unusual as many artists from diverse genres have done likewise including Children of Bodom, Impaled Nazarene, Johnny Cash, and the Marshall Tucker Band. But, Chrome's version is still, well, different.

Chrome Division's latest 3rd Round Knockout is a highly stylized and ambitious platter of metalized melodic rock. Offering some genuine innovation beyond previous materials, this work will likely find the band new fans. Quite recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Chrome Division's latest 3rd Round Knockout is a highly stylized and ambitious platter of metalized melodic rock.

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