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7 Months Later: Time to Decide
7 Months Later Time to Decide album new music review

7 Months Later: Time to Decide

Alternative/Melodic Rock

Hailing from sunny Orlando, 7 Months Later delivers their first, but barely, full-length album, Time to Decide. This work only offers eight songs in 32 minutes, pushing it only slightly beyond EP status. The music is generally melodic rock, but smacks of a post-punk as well. And vocalist Chris Ganoudis sounds suspiciously like Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong. Thankfully, 7 Months Later doesn't sound like the whiny power pop punk of Green Day.

Actually, for such a young band, 7 Months Later has a strong sense of melody and the ability to deliver catchy hook-laden rock. Certainly Outlines, Disengage, and Just Pretend offer a fine dose of this rock groove and accessibility. Faster Faster gets a bit heavier and, well, faster at times, but interrupts what could be raucous number with a quirky synth segue. But the drumming is impressive and, yes, a guitar solo, though short, inspires. This would be a great song to expand in a live context. If anything recalls power post punk it might be the acoustic driven All Out, a thoughtful, sometimes melancholic, melodic song. The disc rounds out with La Douleur and Friction. The former is a piano based melancholy ballad, the latter a lengthy mixture of musical elements to create an intriguing piece. This may likely be the song that displays 7 Months Later's inherent ingenuity.

With little doubt, 7 Months Later, on Time to Decide, displays an unexpected maturity of musicianship and song composition. Simply, their songs sound good, and good enough to suggest greater creativity and success in the future. They only need to give the listener several more songs, at least four more, on their next release. For fans of Jimmy Eat World, Reliant K, and possibly Blink 182 and Foo Fighters. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

7 Months Later's Time to Decide offers entertaining melodic alt rock with a taste of the post punk style. This band has a boatload of talent, and so a promising future.

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