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Two Choices: Have You Heard? (EP)
Two Choices Have You Heard EP new music review

Two Choices: Have You Heard? (EP)

Melodic Rock/Power Pop
Rating: 3.5/5.0

After ten years I suppose if you have a signature sound going, then you stick with it. England's Two Choices returns with Have You Heard?, a sophomore EP of four songs not much different their 2007 debut Longest Journey. Two Choices signature elements are here including tight arrangements, strong melodies, sometimes quirky keyboard work, and robust vocals. All this is wrapped up in a form equally reminiscent of 80's rock as 21st century modern alt rock. All four songs are unequivocally Two Choices and, generally, quite strong. However, I do tire of their weird keyboard applications as on Here We Go, and otherwise powerful pop song. Chasing Rio, from the melody, chorus and keyboards, sounds like equal parts Oasis, Duran Duran, and Simple Minds.

The EP's appellation is more the question than the title as Two Choices ask if, indeed, you have heard them. With a Best Indie Rock Band award from UK's Play Music, extensive clubbing in the UK and Europe, and the fact that this EP comes bundled with the first one, I don't see how anyone in the Queen's land could miss them. Nevertheless, with no real advance in their style or presentation, let's hope that familiarity does not breed contempt for Two Choices in the long run. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Sticking with the signature sound they've honed over ten years, Two Choices returns with Have You Heard?, a short four song EP long on power pop melodic rock and predictability.

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