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Texas Hippie Coalition: Rollin'
Texas Hippie Coalition Rollin' album new music review

Texas Hippie Coalition: Rollin'

Modern Southern Heavy Rock/Metal

First impression? Clever name. Texas Hippie Coalition's Rollin' is worth consideration. Then push play. Crap, more downtuned American heavy rock. Several spins later: shit, this little band from Texas is pretty damn good. THC is a bit southern rock and very much Texas bronc busting bravado in a heavy rock to metal wrapper. Consider Lynyrd Skynryd meeting with Metallica and Pantera at a West Texas crossroads, then add a little ZZ Top like accessibility, and you may have the soundscape.

From the start THC has a huge thundering sound, a stampede of Texas longhorn bearing down upon you. Intervention, Flawed, Rollin, and Jesus Freak are impressive and entertaining numbers, large and broad with heavy riffs, clever arrangements, strong musicianship and surprising catchiness. As to the musicianship, I don't think I've heard a stronger rhythm section in sometime, and Big Dad Ritch's vocal prowess is both surprising and compelling. These significant elements form a maddening and entertaining genius in the best, and kick ass track, Pissed Off and Mad About It. (Is he mad about being pissed off?) You'll hear the Coalition's southern influences on Groupie Girl (think Skynyrd's What's Your Name? only harder, raw and dripping with Jim Beam).

After the first six songs, I was almost ready to declare that Texas Hippie Coalition as the next great American heavy Southern rock/metal band. But the latter half of disc gave me pause. While interesting and thick with slabs of heavy rock, Saddle Sore and Cocked & Loaded are mainly heavy. Back from Hell drifts back to the first half with a more interesting and endearing arrangement. But it's not until the closer Beg that THC's grabs you with their entertaining Texas gusto. Nevertheless, Rollin' is a crackin' good slab of inventive American heavy rock and metal. Very recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Texas Hippie Coalition's Rollin' is a crackin' good slab of inventive American heavy rock and metal. Very recommended.

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