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One Slack Mind: The Earliest I've Ever Been Late
One Slack Mind The Earliest I've Ever Been Late new music review

One Slack Mind: The Earliest I've Ever ...

Modern Heavy Rock
Rating: 2.5/5.0

Emerging from the capitol of Obamacare, political gridlock, and general democratic confusion, Washington DC, One Slack Mind brings their version of modern heavy rock on their debut The Earliest I've Ever Been Late. Their influences are varied and self-evident, everything from grunge to post-grunge, hardcore to heavier stoner rock, with a dash of modern urban flavor for appeal.

At its core, however, The Earliest I've Ever Been Late is typical of most modern rock and metal: heavy and harsh, thanks to the scourge and impact of hardcore. The bottom end is huge, booming at times, trudging along at others. Vocalist Rich Wilson varies little from his peers: finding the hardcore style as his foundation as he spews an equal measure of razors and marbles. Constant riffing, and chord progressions, are the extent of the fret work, another constant in this style. I can't remember hearing a guitar solo (if I did it must have been amazingly mundane since I forgot it), and wonder if Blake Metzler can rip one. There's little harmony and melody to take the edge off the heavy harshness. But this is The Earliest I've Ever Been Late and One Slack Mind's bottom line: harsh heavy, sometimes near hardcore, rock with a subtle urban taste.

Honestly, I tried to dig this album, but found it mostly redundant, and quite tiring. It neither intrigued or inspired me. Usually I can hope for the former with most any submission, but not in this case. It was a challenge to get through four or more songs; by song six I new what to expect to the end. Yet, at least one song did stand out for me, and that was Customize, probably because it wasn't as harsh as the others. Ultimately, you will have to be a huge fan of the modern, hardcore influenced, heavier rock trends to grasp and enjoy this album. If that's you (or if you're a fan of the band), scoop this baby up today. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

With a foundation in hardcore, and referencing everything from grunge to stoner rock to urban spice, One Slack Mind's The Earliest I've Ever Been Late is typical modern heavy rock. It's heavy, harsh and, from were I stand, difficult to find compelling.

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