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Innerwish: No Turning Back
Innerwish No Turning Back new music review

Innerwish: No Turning Back

Melodic Heavy/Power Metal
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Absent for nearly four years and now with a new label, Ulterium Records, Greek metallers Innerwish return with their fourth full-length disc, No Turning Back. The title is fitting as Innerwish continues on their steady course of creating solid European melodic heavy/power metal. With 12 tracks of massive metal on the accomplished No Turning Back, Innerwish joins the ranks of the greats: Helloween, Gamma Ray, and HammerFall.

Riding on the strength of powerful riffs, a hearty and ferocious rhythm section, fiery guitar solos, and immense vocal arrangements, Innerwish may have indeed created the work by which they will be remembered and always measured. That latter characteristic, the vocal arrangements, is simply massive throughout this work, nearly overshadowing other elements. Burning Desires and Kingdom of Our Prime are merely two great examples. Other times, as on No Turning Back, Last Breath, and Welcome to My World, Innerwish excels simply at combining power and melody into massive arrangements that overwhelm and entertain. Yet, every musical element works with ambitious energy for a strong performance on every song. For pure ripping guitar-driven metal look no further than the opener Chosen One. Also, not afraid to show that metal can be heavy and accessible, Innerwish delivers the catchy, hook-laden Save Us. (They pull this off again on Full of Lust.)

Frankly, there may not be a bad song on this album, that is if melodic power and heavy metal is your thing. This will be the inherent problem for those addicted to and convinced that the only metal is the current harsh hardcore infected modern metal. Otherwise, Innerwish's No Turning Back displays this band doing what the do best, creating epic melodic heavy/power metal, and proves that they are very, very good at it. Strongly recommended! - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Innerwish's No Turning Back displays this band doing what they do best, creating epic melodic heavy/power metal. It also proves that they are very, very good at it. This could be Innerwish's best work to date.

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