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Skinflint: Dipoko
Skinflint - Dipoko Album Review

Skinflint: Dipoko

Heavy Rock/Metal

Here's another first for Dangerdog Music Reviews. Skinflint hails from the landlocked country of Botswana in southern Africa. Dipoko is their third full-length release, the first for Germany's Pure Steel Records.

Skinflint Dipoko Band Photo

Skinflint: look pissed.

While from Africa, and with African themes in their lyrics, Skinflint's heavy metal doesn't have the same ethnic references. Instead, this trio draws influences from classic heavy rock and metal from both sides of the Atlantic. They could easily be described as hybrid of early American epic metal and NWOBHM, something like Manilla Road crossed with Iron Maiden.

Generally, Dipoko has a minimalist, even dry, feeling to it's composition with Skinflint not wanting to waste a note nor be excessive. There's almost an emotionless preciseness to their delivery. One might conclude from these observations that the tunes on Dipoko are stale or boring, but that's not the case. Actually, it's the exact opposite. Their music is more likely to pull you in and keep you guessing. For instance, Lord of the Night begins with a heavy rock groove only round out with some guitar work that sounds like psychedelic metal. Then there's Blood Ox Ritual and Dreams of Eternity which have an unswerving modest pace that reminds of stoner rock. At the end, Gboyo can turn on a near progressive rock motif. Throughout this you have Giuseppe "Juice" Sbrana sing speak vocal delivery which sways between sneering and angry, adding it's own interesting flavor to the mix. Suffice to say, Skinflint's Dipoko was quite the surprise: I sound I did not expect that took some time to wrap my ears around. For something different in your metal collection, check them out.

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In Short

Coming from Botswana, Skinflint offers their own interpretation of classic heavy rock and metal with intriguing results which might surprise and challenge you.

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