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Where Angels Fall - Marionettes
Melodic Metal/Goth/Rock
Rating: 3.5/5.0

If there is any genre that is bloated with bands it's the whole goth rock and metal thing. (And you thought I was going to say European power metal.) These days, to make even the slightest impression or difference, a band needs something different, more creative and visionary than all the other bands. Unfortunately, that is difficult to find these days. Enter Norwegian band Where Angels Fall who are trying to cut their own path through this dark wilderness. 'Marionettes' is their second full length work.

Where Angels Fall is typical of most in this style: angelic to eerie vocals, heavy riffs, symphonic arrangements and the like. What appears to set this band apart is their heavy use of electronica in their songs and some variety in their arrangements. Concerning the former, this can be minimal and subtle like on 'Feed On Depression' or more involved as on 'Mystifying Grief.' In composition, Where Angels Fall can easily move between goth metal on 'Kyrie' to more melodic metal or rock on 'Marionettes' or 'Female Stigma' to, a nearly progressive, mixture of both and more on the aforementioned 'Mystifying Grief.'

In light of these two characteristics, I found 'Marionettes' to be interesting and little more clever than others in their field. Yet, I can't say that I was truly inspired. Where Angels Fall has some strong innovation and promise. Whether this is enough to move fans their way is yet to be seen. I think they have a tough road ahead of them. Recommended to fans of the genre.   - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Where Angels Fall's 'Marionettes' is a sincere and creative album in the goth rock/metal field. Unfortunately, it may be easily overlooked simply because it's in this crowded genre; and a band really needs something more and visionary to make it.

Support The Artist: Buy Now!

'Marionettes' will be released October 25, 2008. Click here to purchase at their web site.

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