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Rob Rock: Garden Of Chaos

Rob Rock has been around for quite some time. If there are words to describe him they are 'consistency' and 'integrity.' Mr. Rock holds true to his craft: delivering strong vocals over a strict heavy metal soundtrack. He also surrounds himself with exceptional musicians. Consider Gus G. (Firewind) on 'Ride The Wind' and also fellow 'brother in Christ,' Carljohan Grimmark on guitar throughout this work. In addition, Andreas Johansson (drums) and Andreas Olsson (bass) add an exceptional and heavy rhythm to this metal work. Even better, for this believer and metal fan, Mr. Rock mixes his Christian faith into a strong and persuasive art form perfect to the message.

'Garden Of Chaos' delivers some very heavy metal. Mr. Rock and company hold no bars on this work. Significant examples include such tunes as 'Garden Of Chaos,' 'Satan's Playground,' and even 'Only A Matter Of Time.' Then there is 'Savior's Call' which has some progressive metal nuances: a highly enjoyable song. To be honest, there is a certain consistency that leads to monotony on this album. It seems that all the songs run together. You really have to listen carefully to find the subtle differences from one track to another. For instance, 'Spirit In The Sky, though motivating is hardly intriguing as some other cuts. Then you have 'Metal Breed' which evokes pure power metal with its driving force. Now, two-thirds through the album, I'm really looking for a change of pace. Maybe a ballad or a least a change of tempo. It's not until you get to 'Unconditional' do you get a reprieve from the pummeling assault of heavy metal. This is phenomenal track and should have been thrown into the mix earlier, if just to give your ears a break. The same could be said for 'Ode To Alexander,' the final track. Maybe Mr. Rock wanted to prove his chops, but there is a certain beauty to integrating the calm with the storm.

'Garden Of Chaos' is a fine work, but hardly groundbreaking. Rock proves himself to be a master of his craft and that is an excellent compliment. He is still one of the finest metal vocalist in this generation. My only reservation is that I wish there was some more diversity in his style or that I didn't have to wait until the end of the album to find it. Anyway, Mr. Rock is true to his genre. I recommend this album to his fans and those who love strong and assertive heavy metal.
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Simply, veteran metal vocalist Rob Rock brings strong, even agressive, heavy metal to the table on 'Garden Of Chaos.' Fans will not be disappointed one bit. Still, there is a mundane congruity that some may find indistinguishable from current metal offerings. Yet, Mr. Rock is true to form and is to be commended for this work.

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