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Paul Gilbert: Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar
Instrumental Melodic Rock/Metal
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Paul Gilbert has a rich history in producing solo works. Of course, we remember his work with Racer X and, the short-lived super group, Mr. Big. However, Mr. Gilbert has mostly done his best work on his own. Call anal-retentive or simply a class act, you still have a phenomenal guitarist that pursues his own creative pleasures. On 'Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar,' you have an instrumental album full of genius and inspiration.

It is often difficult to review a totally instrumental work because you do not have vocals and lyrics to follow. With Gilbert and others (see my forthcoming review of Joe Satriani's latest work), you follow the guitar and song arrangements with more careful skill. And with Gilbert, you not only have superb shredding capabilities, but also simple rock and metal craftsmanship. Mr. Gilbert thrills and mesmerizes throughout as he delivers monumental riffs. He ventures from melodic rock and metal to blues and jazz on 'Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar.' 'I Still Have That Other Girl' demonstrates his finely tuned blues guitar. But then he rips into other genres on songs like 'Paul vs Godzilla,' Bultaco Saturno,' a jazz-flavored rock motif, 'Eudaimonia Overture,' and the pulsating, 'The Rhino.'

Forget early comparisons to Mr. Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert is his own man and a premier guitarist with fantastic creative abilities. 'Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar' is a wonderful work that will keep you satisfied from front to back. This is a long lasting contribution. Very recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Paul Gilbert continues to satisfy especially when he take matters into his own hands. 'Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar' is by far his most creative and mature work so far. Forget Mr. Big and certainly comparisons to Yngwie Malmsteen, Mr. Gilbert delivers his best when he works on his own: this is a fine album!

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