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Loudness: Metal Mad

Of course you know Loudness. Their history dates back to 1981 and they were the first Japanese metal band signed to a Western label, Atlantic records. You can hardly forget there great works back in the day including 'Thunder In The East' and 'Lightning Strikes' or the great single 'Crazy Nights.' So here we are in 2008. Cripes, these guys are as old as me and still producing heavy metal. And that's what you get on 'Metal Mad,' raw and raucous heavy metal.

Frankly, though they mix some modern and progressive influences, I found myself extraordinarily bored when listening to this album. Sure, Loudness still has some fire in their bellies, but only a few tracks stood out on this work. This included 'Whatsoever' and 'Black And White.' For obligatory metal, the title track succeeds, but hardly inspires. Then there's the abusively long yet somewhat enjoyable 'Can't Find My Way,' hard, heavy and somewhat confused. I found the best song to be 'Gravity;' I didn't groan or grimace. Yet, it was still basically average. In the end, I didn't know what to make of 'Metal Mad.' Where was it going? Give Loudness and 'A' for effort, but I was disappointed. Maybe I should have listened to it more

Loudness has become much like the annoying relative that keeps showing up at your family reunions. He's well-intentioned, but has nothing new to bring to the party. I hate being this negative about such a metal stalwart as Loudness. But I simply did not enjoy this album. Other, particularly fans, may find it interesting.
- Craig Hartranft

In Short

Loudness has had a brilliant career, most of it being in the mid 1980's. On one hand with 'Metal Mad,' it's good to hear them pressing on. On the other hand, I think they should simply give it a rest. Rest on your laurels and enjoy your past success.

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