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Lord: Ascendence

Aussie heavy metal band Lord was born out of the ashes of the phenomenal Dungeon. It is the brainchild of singer and guitarist 'Lord Tim' Grose. He did some previous solo work on 2003's 'A Personal Journey.' Now Lord Tim has regrouped in 2005 with Tim Yatras (Dungeon) on drums, guitarist Maverick Stevens and bass player Andrew Dowling from Brisbane metal band Sedition. Mr. Stevens would eventually leave to be replaced by Mark Furtner (FromBeyond). They have been busy in this short period of time supporting such acts as Queensr˙che, Nevermore, Gamma Ray, and Leaves Eyes, among others. Lord obviously picks up were Dungeon left off; Lord is heavy and intense as its predecessor. But I feel that there is more true metal here: more melody and less of the prog elements. Though, if you listen carefully, you can here some of that, too.

Two thing impress me about Lord's 'Ascendence.' First, Lord Jim is a fine vocalist, ranging from a Bruce Dickinson to any given premier European power metal vocalist, you name him. Mr. Grose has the skills and control to excel in this position. Secondly, I was extremely excited about the guitar work on this work. It truly stands at the forefront. Guitar fans, as I am, will be highly impressed. As an example of this, I point you to including 'Going Down' and 'Rain.'

As for other tracks, highlights include the brisk and enthusiastic 'My Own Way.' It has moments of subtlety mixed with intense thrash-like heavy metal. 'Through The Fire' simply roars with speed, the drumming is awesome and the guitar work kills. This is an intense power metal number. For something completely different consider the 'The Calm' with its 'calm' guitar introduction which leads into 'Limb From Limb,; an energetic mix of heavy, power, and modern metal (with obvious, but subdued, death metal vocals). It's got to be the heaviest song on the album, and possibly the most progressive. I can almost say it's my favorite track on 'Ascend enc,' despite the intermittent dirty vocals. It basically kicks metal ass: try to keep up if you can. If only others who try to mix modern metal with our great condition could do this well. Except for the kick-ass guitar work, I could do without '220.' Ascendence concludes with 'Legacy,' a fine (and long) number with every possible combination of metal influences (sans the dirty vocals). It can seem to be monotone, but you must listen carefully to two things: the arrangement and the vocals. It is, at the same time, breathe taking and extravagant.

Lord my be a personal project of 'Lord Tim' Grose, but this is a true metal band. Between the arrangements (take note of 'Legacy') and the skilled musicianship, this is a superior metal work. Dungeon fans should not be disappointed. Metal fans, in general, should give Lord's 'Ascendence' due consideration. This is killer metal. Very recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Lord rises from the ashes of the now defunct Aussie band Dungeon. Singer and guitarist 'Lord Tim' Grose formed his namesake band and scored well in with its powerful heavy metal. There is a lot to enjoy here: strong vocals, great arrangements, and killer guitar licks. Check it out!

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