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Land Of Tales: Land Of Tales
Melodic Hard Rock
Rating: 3.5/5.0

Finland's Land of Tales is a new band developed by Kristian (vocals and guitar) and Palle (keyboards) of the melodic rock band, Naiskala. This new project is their attempt to bring English vocals to their time-tested sound. Honestly, though the transition was probably difficult at times, Kristian and Palle have succeeded in their effort. 'Land Of Tales' is loaded with hard rock that features significant melody, good riffs, stylish keyboard and fret work, and catchy choruses. And, yes, Kristian sounds good singing in his non-native language.

Several points are required in this review. First, Palle's keyboard work forms a solid foundation for the arrangements throughout. Second, when Kristian is given the opportunity to apply his guitar skills, he does very, very well. Third, the songs are straight-forward and solid melodic hard rock, generally well-crafted and performed. This is self-evident on 'Slow Waters' and 'So Long,' probably the finest track on the album. On the downside, Kristian's vocals, though good, seem at times to lack significant range. But he still has a strong presence. Another difficulty I found, as traveled through this work, was that the songs appeared to run together; it was a lot of the same. Land Of Tales truly shines on the songs that were near to or traditional ballads. This includes 'Outlander,' 'Choose,' and 'Fading Away.' I found all three to be outstanding.

Overall, I found 'Land Of Tales' to be impressive. Yet, I still had the lingering feeling that I have heard this all before. However, this band is definitely on to something good here. I think their sound needs to develop and diversify. 'Land Of Tales' is a strong effort and worthy of consideration if love traditional melodic hard rock. Recommended!
- Craig Hartranft

In Short

Land Of Tales is the result of Finnish band Naiskala trying to introduce English vocals to their melodic rock sound. Generally, the succeed at this very well. 'Land Of Tales is classic melodic hard rock. Though there's a certain reduncancy throughout, this debut work contains some good music and shows certain promise for the future.

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