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Johnny Burning: Get Up, Get Loose, Get Off!
Melodic Hard/Glam/Sleaze Rock
Rating: 4.5/5.0

From a small town in Italy, on an upstart underground record label in the same country comes Johnny Burning, a five man whirlwind of classic melodic hard rock steeped in 80's sleaze and glam and cranked up to 11 for the new millennium. This crüe (no pun intended) has the attitude, outfits and regulation length hair to fit the part. But, do they have the talent and skill to pull of the music that so many, from Scandinavia to California, are trying to revive? The answer is a fist in the air and a scream, Yeah!

Admittedly, I was extremely skeptical upon receiving 'Get Up, Get Loose, Get Off.' Another glam revival and from Italy, the home of symphonic and bombastic metal? Johnny Burning pulls if off with huge riffs, stinging solos, big choruses and a massive amount testeterone. JB immediately hits the floor running with the fast rocker 'Wrong Shape,' with strong riffs and rowdy sound. From here on out it simply straight forward rock and roll with some clever nuances to spice things up. On 'Idiota,' the band tricks you up by adding some harmonica to the rock and roll mix. Possibly, the best cut on the album is 'Time To Rock' where Johnny Burning delivers rock with boogie-blues feel and some great piano that would make Jerry Lee Lewis proud. For just plain fun rock and roll 'Sassy Lassie Goose' and 'Lost & Found' will grab you with there great groove, memorable melodies, and catchy choruses. For a true trip back in time, JB pulls off a Cinderella type ballad on 'Shine,' very good.

With a few exceptions, 'Get Up, Get Loose, Get Off!' is a solid debut and strong effort by Johnny Burning. This is one band that knows their craft and does it well. Hopefully, the rest of the world will pick up on Johnny Burning. Very recommended!
- Craig Hartranft

In Short

Italy's Johnny Burning handles melodic hard/glam/sleaze rock style with acumen and enthusiasm. 'Get Up, Get Loose, Get Off! is an extraordinary debut filled with memorable, melodic, and rowdy rockers. Lots of fun!

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