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Into Eternity: The Incurable Tragedy
Extreme Progressive Metal
Rating: 4.0/5.0

'The Incurable Tragedy' is the horrible disease cancer; it is also the concept behind and title of Into Eternity's latest work. The idea was inspired by the deaths of guitarist Tim Roth's two friends, brothers who succumbed to cancer within two months of one another in 2006. Yet, the tragedy would widen in scope as Roth's father was diagnosed with cancer as well. The disease claimed his life, just 10 days before Christmas. Surrounded by these incredible circumstances, Roth and company were still able to produce a a fine work of creative and emotional extreme progressive.

In light of the progressive music I've reviewed lately, be warned that Into Eternity's form is more extreme. They offer heavy, devastating riffs and an equal amount of dirty vocals (as always, entirely unnecessary) within prog that can be complex, melodic and symphonic in the same song. Essentially, I can handle the extreme if it is done well. Into Eternity is one of the best in this genre. To this end, the best of the extreme is found on two songs. 'Time Immemorial' begins with an acoustic guitar intro only to move into blistering heavy/thrash/prog metal. Yet, it still moves easily between this and melodic metal. 'A Black Light' can only be described as lighter (if that's possible!) and eclectic extreme progressive metal. The guitar work is unusual and creative; and about a third of the way through, melodic metal rises from whirlpool of intensity.

I was more drawn to the three parts of the song 'The Incurable Tragedy' which marks the death of the Roth's friends and his father. The music is innovative, melodic, and passionate defying the stereotypes often given to extreme metal of any sort. All three songs have deliberate clean vocals supported by masterful and eloquent compositions which bring piano, acoustic guitar, and sweeping, symphonic keyboards. Part Three has simply fantastic fret work. This is the best stuff on the album.

Into Eternity's masterful and passionate 'The Incurable Tragedy' will not be for most fans who visit simply because of its extreme nature. Yet, there is enough compelling and creative passages to warrant a listen, and the concept is more than worthy of consideration. Maybe you can borrow a copy from your local death/black metal fan. Recommended!
- Craig Hartranft

In Short

Into Eternity's 'The Incurable Tragedy' is extreme progressive metal dealing with a sobering and heart wrenching subject: friends and family succumbing to the horrible disease, cancer. With creativity and passion, Tim Roth and company reveal their anger, remorse, and love in this unique performance.

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