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Dragonforce: Ultra Beatdown
Power/Heavy Metal
Rating: 5.0/5.0

Finally, after two years of intense touring in promotion of their breakthrough album 'Inhuman Rampage,' supersonic melodic power metallers Dragonforce return with a great new album, 'Ultra Beatdown.' All the intensity, speed and melody are here again. But do not some expect tedious repetition of their style. 'Ultra Beatdown' is a natural continuation and maturation of their sound; it only solidifies Dragonforce's hold on their niche in metal genre. Nobody, absolutely nobody, is doing the same thing quite as well a Dragonforce.

On 'Ultra Beatdown' you may expect the same fast, ripping fret work throughout. But there is more here. The first two tracks, 'Heroes Of Our Time' and 'Fire Still Burns' is classic Dragonforce: simply speed and power. Yet if you listen carefully, you will find the nuances of traditional metal and some prog metal. The great difference begins with the third track, 'Reasons To Live' to the end. Melody is important here; Dragaonforce delivers more than blazing superfast power metal. With significant changes in movement they bring stylish moments of classic heavy and progressive metal. It's exciting and beautiful. And Dragonforce trips you up on a song like 'Flame For Freedom' which is a basic ballad: the vocal arrangement is simply astonishing. 'Inside The Storm' is another number that proves that Dragonforce is not about speed and breaking strings. Sure, it's very fast in moments, but the arrangement has the grace of metal diversity.

Honestly, Dragonforce's Ultra Beatdown is magnificent. The more I listened to it, the more I did not know what to say. I simply loved it. Some will say that this more of the same from Dragonforce. But they haven't listened carefully to this work. This is great melodic metal with wonderful exchanges of power, speed, heavy, and progressive metal. 'Ultra Beatdown' is a true delight. Highly recommended!

In Short

Hold on, supersonic power metallers Dragonforce are back with a great new album, 'Ultra Beatdown.' Yes, there is some classic Dragonforce here: power, speed and melody. Yet this work moves beyond their previous accomplishments. There is more nods to classic melodic heavy and progressive metal. Simply outstanding!

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