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Dogs N Bones: Lost Gone Wild

Dog N Bones means well. They wish to play hard driving melodic rock. And for the most part, they do it very well. But I found 'Lost Gone Wild' very difficult to listen to. This band and this album has some very great features. The guitar work is incredible from song to song. The rhythm section, especially the drums, is compelling. My main difficulty was with Seven's vocals. He has all the enthusiasm of a rocker, yet his voice grates like finger nails on a chalk board. Seven is expressive, but unclear. Would he sound better if he sang in his native language? I wonder. The songs are also mediocre. Frankly, most are too long. In their case, less would be more. Dogs N Bones could easily reduce their songs to three minutes and still be viable. This length only works on a few songs including 'Easy To Say Goodbye' and 'God Bless."

Except for some novel numbers, 'Lost Gone Wild,' is incredibly ordinary. They only fortunate songs are 'God Bless' and 'Easy To Say Goodbye.' Yes, I mentioned them before and they are pretty good. What Dogs N Bones is good at is finishing well. Though average songs, 'Forever Wild' and 'Ain't A Bad Day To Live' have brilliant endings thanks to astonishing fret work from Dr. Rock. Actually, the best part of 'Lost Gone Wild' and Dogs N Bones is Dr. Rock's guitar solos and also Oldboy's drumming especially on 'Someday' and 'Out Is War.' Overall, despite these highlights, 'Lost Gone Wild' is a mediocre album.

Frankly, I was not impressed by Dogs N Bones' 'Lost Gone Wild.' Certainly there are a great moments on this album. But this due to the guitar work and drumming. Although he's sincere and determined, Seven's vocals put me off. Otherwise, this would be a great album. Listen before you buy.

In Short

Dogs N Bones has rock and roll in their veins. Seriously, this is driving melodic rock, but with serious flaws: predictable arrangements and almost unlistenable vocals. Otherwise, the band is great: you'll find some outstanding fret work throughout. Enjoy with caution.

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