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Divinefire: Farewell

After four albums in the last five year, Swedish power metal band Divinefire is calling it quits. Lead singer Christian Rivel, for personal reasons, has decided to leave the band. Guitarist Jani Stefanovic and bassist Andreas Olsson both agreed that they were not willing to carry on without Rivel. Divinefire's new album, aptly titled 'Farewell,' concludes a brilliant journey by this fine metal band. Divinefire is going out strong, musically and spiritually. As most already know, Divinefire is made up of Christians who have no problem invoking their faith in Christ in their music.

The metal on 'Farewell' is as potent and intense as ever. Rivel's vocals are once again constant and proven, varying between raw (almost dirty) and clean, smooth vocals. Stefanovic astounds on guitar and Olsson is a steady foundation. The music thunders along with power metal intensity with plenty of melody. The lyrical content is intended to encourage and strengthen those who believe. Noteworthy songs include 'Unity,' where Rivel shows his versatile ability and the arrangement packs a solid metal punch. 'Grow And Follow' is fast and thundering. The dirty vocals in the verses are easily dismissed thanks to the beautiful chorus, passionate arrangement, and Stefanovic's skilled fret work. 'My Roots Are Strong In You' is pure melodic power metal. Here Rivel discards the dirty vocals (thank you) and Stefanovic delivers a fine heavy metal guitar solo. The magnum opus of 'Farewell' is 'Heal Me,' where Divinefire pulls out all the stops delivering melodic power metal with some major symphonic and prog elements.

Divinefire's 'Farewell' is a fitting conclusion to a short but monumental career. It's a thoroughly enjoyable work, but way too short. I wish Rivel, Stefanovic, and Olsson all the best as pursue new opportunities. Godspeed! I hope to hear from all of you again very soon. Very recommended!

In Short

Divinefire ends a brilliant metal career with their finest work to date. Finishing well is always a challenge when a band chooses to end. With 'Farewell,' Divinefire goes out with a strong and impressive effort. They will be missed.

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