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Dezperadoz: An Eye For An Eye

Germany's Dezperadoz may have created their own heavy metal niche: metal inspired by the American wild west. Where Sergio Leone gave us the 'spaghetti western' with Clint Eastwood, Dezperadoz gives us, with their latest release 'An Eye For An Eye,' wild west metal. Make no mistake here, I'm not talking about mixing country music into metal. No, this is straight ahead heavy metal with a melodic current and a western flair. And it's a thoroughly enjoyable adventure right down to their leather vests and chaps.

Besides the wild west motif, one other thing that struck me about this work was the depth of sound this trio can produce. This is thanks in part to the skills of composer, vocalist and guitarist Alex "The Marshall" Kraft and producer extraordanaire Dennis Ward. The result is a solid and diverse album of thrilling heavy metal with an undercurrent of melodic hard rock.

There's a momentary introduction as you start the album. This quickly leads into the fine metal number 'Hate,' which is stirring both lyrically and musically. 'Days Of Thunder' follows, blistering with a steady beat and impressive guitar licks. 'Wild Bunch' and 'Wild Times' are next: the former puts the heavy into the metal and the later again displays Dezperadoz' melodic side and more fine guitar work from Mr. Kraft. About midway through Dezperadoz covers The Doors' 'Riders On The Storm.' You will not mistake Kraft for Jim Morrison, but it's still a satisfying rendition. As you venture to the conclusion listen for 'Here Comes The Pain' which is another number that demonstrates their heavy metal chops. 'Give Up' is the only ballad on the album and very pleasing. You can easily skip over the weirdness of 'When The Circus Comes To Town,' the only song I thought really didn't fit. 'A Tooth For A Tooth' displays Dezperadoz love the blues. The album ends with the most interesting song, '25 Minutes To Go.' This song probably is more telling of Kraft's influences than anything else. '25 Minutes to Go' is a song performed by Johnny Cash on his famous 1968 concert album, 'At Folsom Prison.' The song was written by Shel Silverstein, and Cash had earlier recorded it for his 1965 album 'Sings the Ballads of the True West.'

So there you have it: wild, wild west metal from Dezperadoz. Certainly, this is a unique combination. I enjoyed it and hope for more. Very recommended!

In Short

Dezperadoz combine a love for the American wild west with some diverse and melodic heavy metal. The combination is both inspired and satisfying. I really enjoyed it. Hey, they cover Johnny Cash! It's got to be good.

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