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Dark Sky: Empty Faces

German melodic rockers Dark Sky's history dates back to a formation in the late 1980's. Predictable label problems followed the young band in their formative days. Success, in a minimal way, came their way with 2002's recording 'Edge Of Time.' 'Living And Dying' released in 2005 on AOR Heaven allowed the band to turn the corner to some mainstream recognition. Now, in 2008, 'Empty Faces' promises to bring this persevering band to a new level of success and recognition. 'Empty Faces' is a fine work of hard driving melodic rock. Though they have stiff competition in their genre, Dark Sky has the talent and enthusiasm to make a huge dent in the field. But will they?

'Empty Face's starts out very strong with 'Hands Up' the blend of roaring melodic rock with subtle keyboards which makes for a magnificent start. I can see them playing this as the opening song at a concert. The title track has a smooth keyboard opening, but is pretty average melodic rock. When you get to 'Send Them To Hell' and 'Chase Your Dreams,' you know you're on to something good. The former is a fast rocker with almost metal guitar work. The latter is incredibly catchy; it's enthusiastic and has some more good guitar work. Another great rocker is 'Saints Beneath The Sky;' it moves along with a completely believable rhythm section and more sterling guitar work. The rest of the album is above average melodic rock. But you may find no difference between Dark Sky and their current peers. The low point of the work is their cover of Michael Sombello's 'Maniac' from 'Flashdance.' Greek metal band Firewind tried this recently and barely succeeded. I never liked this song, so any interpretation of it will not appeal to me. In the case of Dark Sky, it borders upon abysmal. With these things in mind, the strength of 'Empty Faces' relies upon Frank Breuninger' outstanding vocals, a raw enthusiasm from the whole band, and some creative song arrangements.

Dark Sky's 'Empty Faces' is exciting and moving, but still pretty standard melodic rock. The former qualities will drive them to new heights. The latter will put them into oblivion. I liked this work because of its promise: Dark Sky has a great future. They just need to find the formula to rise above their peers. They're on the right track. I encourage you to buy this work and listen. Recommended!

In Short

Dark Sky is treading the heavilly traveled road of European melodic rock. Their music is enthusiastic and rocking, but will it make a difference in this crowded genre? I think so, but they need to offer something different. I liked the album, thanks to their inspired musicianship and song arrangements. I'm hoping for a bright future for Dark Sky.

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