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Cosmics: The Cosmic Year
Instrumental Progressive Rock/Metal
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Have you ever listened to album by whatever group or solo artist and thought, 'Wow, this is awesome music. I'd love to hear it without the vocals' Well, with Daniele Liverani's new project, Cosmics, you get profound instrumental progressive rock and metal without having to make a judgment about or dismissing the vocals. Sure, he and his Cosmics crew could have brought in a vocalist, but they are better without it. 'The Cosmic Year' is an inspiring and epic album of grand progressive rock. Even with his work with Khymera and his brilliant 'Genius' opera, Mr. Liverani has composed a gigantic work in 'The Cosmic Year.' This is grand and monumental stuff.

'The Cosmic Year' is based upon evolutionary scientist Carl Sagan's premise of an old Earth theory in his book 'Dragons Of Eden' (1977). The theory is complex and will definitely strain your objective credulity. (You can read more about the project and Sagan's premise by reviewing the promotion material here (PDF) or another detailed outline here.) But the issue in this review is the music. Even without knowing the story, the compositions elevate the themes and perfectly translates the ideas and feelings into great progressive rock. This is particularly evident on the opening 'Big Bang,' but also 'Global Extinction,' 'Omination,' and 'Voyages Of Discovery.' However what I found must compelling was the performance of Mr. Liverani and young guitar hotshot Tommy Ermolli (he also plays with Khymera). Liverani's keyboard work is nothing but spectacular: often intense, and many times, playful. Ermolli is simply brilliant filling each track with amazing solos.

Cosmics' 'The Cosmic Year' is delightful and impressive work from Liverani and company. I suggest that you listen to several times at the outset only to appreciate the graceful musicianship. Highly recommended!

In Short

Daniele Liverani introduces Cosmics and 'The Cosmic Year,' a tour-de-force of exceptional totally instrumental progressive rock. The compositions are brilliant, the musicianship extraordinary. There are moments of breathtaking grandeur and subtle sophistication on this fine work.

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