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Canobliss: Psychothermia
Modern American Rock/Metal
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Sometimes unexpected and unknown music crosses my desk. I guess this is because I offer an open invitation for bands to send me their work. I get a lot of unsigned and novice bands soliciting a review. Such is the case with California's Canobliss: never heard of them and they have no label, but they are not freshman either. You should hear them and they should have a major label deal. Canobliss plays intelligent modern American hard rock/metal with clean vocals, melody, and often, progressive arrangements. Is it true? God forbid that they should buck current American music trends.

Canobliss draws upon rich and diverse influences to create their sound including Metallica, System Of A Down, Tool, Godsmack, and Slipknot among others. Thankfully, they have the wisdom not to drink from the bitter well of these artists. In other words, Canobliss has looked for the best and gained from their work. This creative process has produced an album rich with innovation and substance wrapped in modern American rock. The lead track 'Notorious' displays the modern trend yet borders upon progressive with its provocative arrangement. 'Take Vics' may sound like current musical trends but delivers more because of its outstanding vocal arrangement and fiery guitar work. Yes, this band has a guitarist that can actually play lead! For something completely different, subtle and more stylish, you must consider the title track 'Psychothermia.' This song is blessed with great vocals, outstanding bass, phenomenal melody, and rich guitar work. If there is a negative here, it is that some listeners may consider Canobliss monotonous. Sure, there is a certain continuity throughout which would lead one to believe that one song simply runs into the next. However, I would say that you did not listen carefully enough. Discard your preconceived notions of modern American rock and listen more carefully. These guys are good and there is more to their music than current conventions. Very recommended!

In Short

San Diego's Canobliss bucks modern American rock and metal trends by delivering music rich with melody, progressive arrangements, and believe it or not, clean vocals. This crew is very good! Simply, it's hard to believe that Canobliss is unsigned and generally unrecognized. 'Psychothermia' is filled with clever arrangements which deliver great music. Go to their website and buy this album!

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