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Icarus witch: songs for the lost
Melodic Heavy Metal
Rating: 5.0/5.0

Icarus Witch is back! If you don't know this great American metal band from Pittsburgh, then now is the time. These guys are the finest purveryours of old-school, neo-classical metal on the planet.

From the opening cut to the last, you discover that these boys know their craft and style. Take note: this is how you do classic metal! Clean vocals and solid riffs are surrrounded and supported by a tight, nearly perfect, rhythm section. When it comes time for the guitar to solo, it is definitive and marvelous in presentation. Take note of 'The Sky Is Falling.' All of this is undergirded by fine production: I can even hear the bass line admist the other instruments, and that is extraordinary for most metal albums. As an example, consider the terrific 'House Of Usher.'

There is great consistency here: every song shines in its own way. My personal favorites include the aforementioned 'The Sky Is Falling,' and 'House Of Usher,' which has some delicate piano segues, but also 'Out For Blood,' and 'Queen Of Lies.' Also, Icarus Witch gives tribute to forebears Def Leppard by covering 'Mirror, Mirror' with the help of Joe Lynn Turner. And it's a damn fine showing.

Unfortunately, Icarus Witch will go mostly unnoticed in the American metal scene. And that is a horrible shame. These guys are really, really good. Their passion and professionalism is self-evident: this is a terrific metal work. Icarus Witch is metal, and you should by 'Songs For The Lost' today.

In Short

Icarus Witch is one of the finest purveryour of old-school, neo-classical, metal on the planet.

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